Happy 60th Birthday, ACG New York

By Bobby Blumenfeld, Executive Director

Meet me at the Plaza Hotel September 15th to celebrate the birthday of ACG.

60 years ago, ACG New York held its first lunch meeting at the iconic New York hotel, The Plaza.  It all started with a small group of senior M&A executives, concerned on how to grow their businesses and getting together to share best practices among peers. Today, it’s known as the first meeting of what would turn into a 58 chapter organization with approximately 15,000 members.

What started out at the Plaza soon branched out to Toronto, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles, and continues to grow globally with recent chapters added in China, Brazil, and Spain.  For 60 years ACG’s mission has always stayed rock solid: focus on the growth of the middle market businesses that fuel the United States economy.

ACG has grown during both up and down business cycles.  Historically, only 1 percent of associations have reached the 60-year milestone. We attribute this success to the early trailblazers who built a strong foundation that we continue to build upon.

I look forward to seeing you at our 60th Anniversary shindig at the Plaza Hotel, where it all started and where we will all continue to drive middle market growth. You can register for this event at ACG New York 60th Anniversary

Curious about ACG’s history? Read all about it here.

Bobby Blumenfeld is the Executive Director of ACG New York and was past president from 2004-2010.


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