Building My Business with Help from ACG’s Network

By John Bisack

My firm, Performance Improvement Partners, was founded in 2003 and, as with any entrepreneur my focus has been on answering the question: how do I build a business that has a sustainable, reoccurring revenue stream? In simple terms: I needed to find clients and stay current on industry trends. To say I was nervous with our ability to survive and ultimately grow is an understatement.

I searched for industry organizations that would help me grow my business, and in my estimation none provided the benefits that the Association of Corporate Growth offered. Even better, ACG New York is the largest chapter in the world with a significant number of educational and networking events to facilitate business connections.

I can say without hesitation that joining ACG New York was one of the best decisions I have made and a key factor that has led to the success of my business. In fact, the majority of our private equity clients are members of ACG.  The events we attend provide us with a forum to obtain new clients, meet with existing clients and educate us on the needs of the industry. The education feeds right into our service offerings, and the individuals involved are great people!

The connections are not just about finding and maintaining clients. The horizontal networking and partnership potentials are numerous as well. There are many facets in the M&A arena and a holistic approach is becoming increasingly important to providing excellent service to clients.

ACG New York is a critical contributor to our growth and can be to yours too.  My recommendation is to participate as much as you can and leverage the network.  Most importantly, give back by getting involved and contributing to ACG New York, the return on your time investment will be significant and measurable.

John Bisack is President and Managing Director at Performance Improvement Partners and a Board Member of ACG New York.


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