Q4 and the Four Seasons

By Bobby Blumenfeld

It is hard to imagine that it wasn’t long ago that we were soaking in the sun, sharing barbeques with friends and family, maybe going sailing, playing golf and finally forgetting about the brutal winter of 2014.  All of a sudden, its October where before the blink of an eye, my trees have blessed me with an endless amount of leaves, Halloween is around the corner and the weather is starting to turn cooler.

Yes, one of the joys of living in the Northeast is you get to really experience the four seasons…speaking of the number four, we  also welcome the most important business quarter where we focus on exceeding our projections. Q4!

Business quarters are just like the seasons: Q1 kicks off in winter, when it’s time to shovel up all those deals from Q4 and start re-establishing relationships to rebuild the deal funnel. Then comes the Spring, Q2, time to plant new seeds that foster new relationships while building upon current ones. Before you know it, it’s Q3 (Summer!) where maybe some of those deals have already come to harvest and we are re-seeding and fertilizing for new business. Then we find ourselves, just as we do now, and it’s October and Q4 is calling for our full attention to maximize new deal flow for either this year or next, getting current deals across the finish line, and continuing to build your network of new relationships.

While we focus on deal making, let’s not forget to live in the moment while focusing on the future (but keep that shovel handy!).

Bobby Blumenfeld is the Executive Director of ACG New York.


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