Investing in Latin America

By Stephen Hindmarch

Early in February I participated in an ACG panel on investing in Latin America.  One of my fellow panelists, Alejo Czerwonko from UBS, put up a very interesting slide about demographics in the region.  Most notably, the middle class in Latin America has grown by over 100 million people in the last 10 years compared to 9 million in the US over the same period.  This has created significant organic growth in industries targeting the middle class in Latin America, including consumer products, healthcare, education and consumer finance.

Penetration of private equity investment in the region as a percentage of GDP is relatively low at less than  0.2% compared to over 1.0 % in the US (Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, 2013).  Combined with depressed exchange rates, this has created considerable interest among ACG’s membership about Latin America.  To address this growing interest, ACG New York has teamed up with ACG Brazil to organize a 2015 New York breakfast series covering private equity topics in the region.  Topics will include opportunities and challenges, the energy sector, infrastructure, food & agriculture and capital raising.

Doing business in Latin America comes with many unique benefits and pitfalls to consider.  The breakfast series will help familiarize attendees with many of these considerations.  Watch your inbox for notices from ACG about these upcoming events.


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