Energizing your Personal Performance

By Jonathan Flaks

“An energetic man (person) will succeed where an indolent one would vegetate and inevitably perish”  Jules Verne –Late 19th Century Science Fiction Pioneer and Author

Recent studies show that managing your energy to keep focused, motivated and confident is more important than managing your time.

Here are tips that will help you stay at the top of your game so you close more deals and better deals through networking, due diligence and business development.

1. Sleep. Follow your natural sleep cycles and you’ll have more energy during the day. The deepest sleep is in the first three hours.  You’ll be in pretty good shape with another three hours.  If you sleep more than six hours, go for seven- and-a-half or nine hours to follow the natural progression of 90 minute cycles.  Get up as soon as you mind does and you’ll have the right biochemical balance in your brain.
2. Water.  Have a water bottle handy and fill it up a few times.  Drink enough water and your brain won’t have to struggle to get nutrients to your prefrontal cortex where you do all your decision making, relationship building and where you figure things out.  You fill your car regularly with what it needs, so fill your body with the fluids it needs.  While you’re at it, watch your nutrition and eat healthier foods.
3. People.  If you are an introvert, close the door and shut yourself away to do the work you love to concentrate on doing.  Extroverts should partner with an introvert who will love to do the desk work for you while you go to all 70 ACG meetings scheduled this year.  You’ll do more deals and better deals and have the career accomplishments and satisfaction you deserve.
4. Mindset.  The bottom line on high performance energy is to always be in an inspired, motivated state of mind, or to be able to return to that state of mind quickly, no matter what happens.   If you want to win big in the game you’re playing, you might want to consider having a coach to elevate your mindset and strategies for success.

So what about you?   What are you inspired to do differently to boost and support a high level of energy and confidence?


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