ACG’s LaBranche on Dodd-Frank’s Impact on PE Industry

By Kathryn Mulligan | July 20th, 2015  I

To mark the fifth anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Act, ACG Global’s president and CEO outlined five ways in which the legislation has impacted the mission of private equity firms.

In his blog post, published by the Washington, D.C., news outlet The Hill, Gary LaBranche described in five points the ways in which Dodd-Frank “has failed to achieve all of its intended goals and has created some unintended consequences.”

Based on quantitative and qualitative data collected from private equity firms and compiled by ACG, the article describes the haste in which legislators passed Dodd-Frank, without considering the role of private equity firms in the economy. Furthermore, the act fails to give investors added protection and may ultimately distract private equity funds from their mission to grow midsize companies and create jobs.

LaBranche notes, however, that Dodd-Frank has been beneficial in the sense that it “reinforces a culture of compliance and disclosure” for the middle-market private equity firms represented by ACG.

Read the article in full at


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