October Member Highlight: Anthony Caudle

Anthony Caudle
Anthony Caudle 2017

ROLE/FIRM: Founder & CEO at RedTail Capital Markets LLC
FOCUS: Investment Banking

Every month, we will feature an active member of the ACG New York community in a brief interview. Reflecting industry insight and personal perspective, this feature will introduce industry leaders and offer advice on the tools you need to succeed in the ever-changing middle market.

1. Quick basics – role/firm/focus?
I am the Founder and CEO of RedTail Capital Markets LLC. We are an SEC/FINRA-registered boutique investment bank. The firm provides various financial services, including corporate advisory, public and private capital raising, equity and debt capital markets solutions, and mergers and acquisitions advisory. We cater to both corporations and private companies.

I recently completed my first year as a board member of ACG New York and the most recent Chair of the ACG New York Manufacturing Conference. I am currently in my third year as a member of ACG.

2. What do you think are the biggest obstacles in the middle market today?

I think pairing capital with the right deals in the marketplace continues to be critical. We look at multiple deals of all sizes, but those that are on the lower end of the spectrum sub $25 MM in revenue can provide great value. Awareness of particular industry sectors is critical as opposed to a non-industry focus approach. Perhaps there are some deals that are borderline in terms of acceptance, which can create great value over the long run as opposed to quickly writing the opportunity off up front. A greater industry knowledge along with a solid strategic developmental plan for some investments are opportunities within the industry.

3. How has ACG helped you in your career?

Network, Network, Network. Need I say it any more. ACG has been a great platform to expand my network while providing greater distribution potential for deals that we bring to market in the private marketplace.

4. Can you tell us about your greatest success story/ proudest achievement in association with ACG?

Creating a 100% minority owned and operated FINRA/SEC regulated investment banking firm. Creating a platform like RedTail Capital Markets, which helps to tackle the issues of diversity on Wall Street and is a bridge connecting high talent to a demanding and technical marketplace.

5. What changes do you foresee happening in the middle market in the next 3-5 years?
I think that the flow of capital from the public to private markets will continue. It continues to amaze many of us how this phenomenon has continued to evolve. Personally, I have been in the industry for 25 years and began my career primarily in the public markets and could not have imaged the amount of activities which take place today across multiple industries.


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