ACG NY Member Highlight: Marcia Nelson


Marcia Nelson is Managing Director at Alberleen Family Office Solutions and is the founder of Deals & Divas. Her focus is impact investing. Every month, an active member of the ACG New York community is featured in a brief interview. Reflecting industry insight and personal perspective, this feature will introduce industry leaders and offer advice on the tools you need
to succeed in the ever-changing middle market. 1. How long have you been an ACG member? What role do you play in ACG New York? I have been an ACG member for over eight years. I’ve been involved with several committees, including Programming and Women of Leadership. I’ve chaired the ACG Champions Award for two years, I’m currently the chair of the Programming Committee, and I serve on the board.

2. What do you think are the biggest obstacles in the middle market today?
The biggest obstacles facing the middle market today include a couple of factors. The bigger PE shops are moving downmarket as they try to add to their portfolios, which puts pressure on the middle market. And just generally, there is a lot of competition in the marketplace to find really good deals—it is very competitive.
3. How has ACG helped you in your career?
ACG has helped me from an educational standpoint—I really enjoy learning about different sectors of the market and what’s happening in areas I’m not as familiar with. The ACG programming has been instrumental in helping me keep up with the changing landscape. Additionally, ACG has helped me broaden my network and expand the people I can talk to when I’m working on a deal.
4. Can you tell us about your greatest success/proudest achievement?
From a personal standpoint, I’m incredibly honored to have received the ACG Women of Leadership award at our June 15th Champions Award Ceremony. I feel so strongly about supporting women in the middle market, and although I think we have a long way to go, I am thrilled to be part of the solution that is helping women achieve success. 5. What changes do you foresee happening in the middle market in the next three to five years?
Family offices are going to become more and more part of the mainstream and will become vital players in providing capital to middle-market companies. That will put some pressure on PE funds, but those funds that align with family offices and co-invest alongside them will be successful.



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