President’s Letter to the Membership


Dear ACG NY Members:

I am honored and humbled to be named the President of the Board for the ACG New York Chapter.

As I write this letter to you, I think back to December 2009, when I initially signed up for membership.  I was at a point in my private equity career, where I was responsible for sourcing and managing investments.  My industry contacts advised me to join ACG New York, where I would have the opportunity to network with the most talented and important professionals in our field to grow my business.  Through attending many ACG New York events, I have grown both my professional network with access to key, quality professionals and my personal knowledge of the industry through our relevant and interesting conferences and events.

After volunteering on a couple of ACG New York committees, I was thrilled to be invited in 2013 to serve on the board.  I realized then that most of my professional successes originated from a connection I made at an ACG New York event, and the board position gave me an opportunity to give back to the organization.  Subsequently, I served as VP of Programing, the first Executive Vice President of the Board and now President.

Since our board has initiated the “Back to Basics” program, our Chapter has refocused our mission to ensure that our members have access to high quality, relevant networking opportunities and content.  We have made significant strides in creating higher quality, robust deal making events, where our dealmakers, transaction and value creation partners, and sponsors have all benefitted.

I am focusing my term as President on two major themes: “Deals, Deals, Deals” and Inclusion.  We will continue to ensure that the “Deal” is the star of any ACG New York event and will further invest in deal making events.  With regards to inclusion, we are extremely fortunate to have so many talented middle market professionals across a broad range of communities amongst our membership, whose knowledge and insight can benefit all of us through their greater participation in our community either as a panelist or participant in our events.  We have made significant strides in this area, and I am confident that greater inclusion of our amazing community of professionals will benefit our chapter.  Our board will work very hard in ensuring we will continue to make strides in these areas.

Going back to December 2009, when I signed up for membership, I never thought I would address this extraordinary community as Chapter President.  I am excited to lead and look forward to meeting you at an ACG New York event!

David Acharya

ACG New York, President

AGI Partners LLC, Partner



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