Quick Takes: Roshan Gummattira, GulfStar Group

October 2nd, 2015 | http://www.middlemarketgrowth.org

This story appears in full in the October issue of Middle Market Growth.

As the technology sector heats up, one Houston-based investment bank is attuned to the opportunity and actively working to increase its focus within the industry. As proof of its commitment, middle-market investment bank GulfStar Group last year added Roshan Gummattira, a member of ACG Houston, to lead the firm’s technology practice.

“We’ve done technology deals in the past as they’ve been referred into the firm,” says Gummattira, a managing director at GulfStar. “So I really joined to help expand and more proactively lead our technology efforts.”

A Texas Instruments software engineer turned investment banker, Gummattira advised technology companies, including enterprise software firms, at JMP Securities, where he worked with both private and public companies and advised on mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and IPOs prior to joining GulfStar. Gummattira notes his current firm has done technology work in the past at a pace of two or three deals each year, including in the areas of software, IT services, hardware, Internet and technology-enabled businesses. However, until recently GulfStar didn’t have someone focused exclusively on the sector …

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