[White Paper] The Value of IT Due Diligence

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When acquiring a company, or making a strategic investment in one, how do you get a handle on the technology risks?

Drawing on its experience across more than 50 transactions on three continents with deal values of up to €500 million, SIG lays out the answers in this new eBook.

Legal and financial due diligence are standard procedure for any major investment, but too often IT due diligence means no more than a passing look at the technology stack. Yet true IT due diligence starts from the knowledge that, for modern companies of any type, technology issues affect all parts of the business—often critically.

This complimentary white paper explains the specific challenges that must be overcome when performing rigorous IT due diligence.

Read it to find out more about:

  • How to uncover the digital skeletons lurking in every business
  • Why automated analysis, backed by human expertise, is the only viable approach
  • What to look for in terms of the security, scalability, performance, maintainability, and sustainability of software
  • Which key analysis capabilities are required during a successful due diligence engagement

The quality of an investment often hinges on superior knowledge—having more information than others, and assessing that information more accurately.

Find out how expert IT due diligence swiftly delivers that knowledge to enable successful strategic investments and acquisitions.


Provided by SIG


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