Marcia Nelson of Alberleen Family Office named to 2020 Most Influential Women in Mid-Market M&A

Provided by Mergers & Acquisitions

Describe a recent accomplishment.
My firm is active in “impactful investing,” and I was able to create a partnership with Sorenson Winter Innovation Summit, where I helped bring together 40 family offices to the annual Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, and organized an off-site partnership track for them. I coordinated best-ideas roundtable discussions around different sectors, including real estate/workforce housing, clean energy, food/agriculture, healthcare, and the tech-enabled companies that are innovating in those spaces. We had several investment opportunities that came out of the event and are looking forward to doing it again in 2020.

How are you a champion for change?
I believe we need to support women and diversity from bottom up investments in companies led by diverse founders to top-down management decisions and board activism. I was thrilled to co-chair WeROC (Women Entrepreneurs Realizing Opportunities for Capital), a conference to help women-led companies overcome the hurdles of raising money. My favorite panel was one on Alternative Financing, which included an angel investor, a venture capitalist, a foundation, a family office and a community bank. We had people from around the country coming to help women-led companies grow and succeed.


Mary Kathleen Flynn


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